Slow Burn

Current economics of commercial fishing are dictated by government regulations. Hardships created by these regulations can be summed up as follows:

In December of 2011, five days before Christmas, cod fishermen in the Gulf of Maine received a letter from government regulators. New assessments showed the New England cod stocks were not going to recover by 2014, as had previously been expected. Catch limits—the amount of cod that fisherman are allowed to bring in—would need to be cut. Over the next four years, catch limits would decrease by more than 95 percent, disrupting the lives and livelihoods of fishermen across New England. - News@Northeastern, October 2019

Routine maintenance is often deterred and this vital process is required for safety and bountiful catches. The minimal images of Slow Burn describe these conditions and reflect the aesthetics of mid-century modern artists.

Slow Burn is available as individual archival photographic prints