Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters explores the impact of fishing regulations on commercial fishing fleets by examining fishing boats and equipment, and the waterfront structures and communities that reflect the fishermen’s lives.

There are 24 folios depicting a specific aspect of the plight of New England fisherman. Slow Burn, Names and Numbers, Communities, Park Motors, Rigging, Bells, Lights and Whistles, are folios included in the series.

Two of the boats photographed were lost at sea including the Nancy Christene: “In the spring of 2004, I spoke with Michael Leonardo about commercial fishing on a dock in Fairhaven, MA. Michael fished for sea clams aboard his 37 foot boat the Nancy Christene. On September 3, 2004 the Nancy Christene was missing. The Coast Guard called off the search on September 7, and Michael Leonardo was lost at sea.”

Dangerous Waters is available as individual archival photographic prints